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The Battle Is The Lord's  July 28, 2019

The details recorded in this historical event teach us that when we are surrounded by troubles or dangers so that we don't know what to do, we should keep our eyes are on the Lord.  The battle is not ours, but His; if we let Him.

The Battle Is The Lord's.mp3

Distractions  July 21, 2019

The world is full of distractions but in this sermon I want to talk about a type of distraction in the Church that is captivating many sincere and caring believers.  I am speaking of a spirit of division in the church that poses as righteous but it is not from God.  Its purpose is to confuse and distract and divide.


Do Unto Others  July 14, 2019

Human beings are created by God to be vessels of righteousness – that is, we are each designed by our creator to contain His Holy Spirit.  This means that as followers of the Lord Jesus we are privileged to be, as it says in 2Peter 1:4, “… partakers of the divine nature …” 

Do Unto Others (2).mp3

A Declaration Of Dependence  July 7, 2019

Each year at this time we celebrate this nation’s separation from the arrogant and exploitive control of 18th century England – and it is only proper that we do so.  However, while we remember our independence from England, we seem to forget that the courageous men responsible for that determination were, themselves, dependent on the grace of a just and merciful God to secure that freedom.

A Declaration Of Dependence.mp3

The Cross  June 30, 2019

In the ancient world the cross was an instrument of agony and shame.  But the Cross of Christ is unlike any other – it is God’s instrument of restitution, of atonement, of union, of sanctification, of regeneration, and of Salvation.  It is the death that brings forth LIFE.

The Cross.mp3

Fatherhood  June 16, 2019

Since God made man in His image, and since 1Tim 2:13 tells us that Adam was first formed, then Eve, it follows that man should precede woman in Divine protocol.


Pentecost  June 9, 2019

The promise of forgiveness was fulfilled at the Cross but its consummation occurred at Pentecost fifty days later as a Jubilee.  Take the example of marriage – as soon as the minister proclaims the couple as husband and wife they are married in the sight of God and man.  But then the marriage must be consummated (completed) in the couples’ privacy.  The marriage (like the reconciliation) is public.  But its consummation is personal.


Christ and ... What's Your Thing?  June 2, 2019

So where does Jesus fit into your life?  There are basically three answers to that question.  He is either presentprominent, or preeminent.

Christ and ....mp3

Jesus My Adonai  May 5, 2019

Without Jesus, God is just a three-letter word that troubles the mind with thoughts of mystery, uncertainty, and fear.  God is a five-letter Word - JESUS.


Awaiting The Promise  April 28, 2019

Now, it has been taught by many that the disciples were waiting for 10 days in the upper room for the Holy Spirit to empower them.  But if we do the arithmetic we might arrive at a different conclusion.

Awaiting The Promise.mp3

Resurrection-First fruits  April 21,2019

When a seed is placed in the ground, a change begins to take place and it ceases to be a seed and begins to become something else  -  something completely different but still related  -  something that was locked up in it that was just waiting to be released.


Passover  April 14, 2019

According to the Jewish Talmud (Rabbinical Commentary) the day of purchase fell on a Saturday that year and because business was prohibited on the Sabbath the rulers moved the day to Sunday.  But the real Lamb was purchased on that Saturday which made the day of His crucifixion Thursday, not Friday.


Triumphal Entry  April 7, 2019

Jesus entered Jerusalem three times on that Passover week - on Saturday as King; on Sunday as Priest; and on Monday as Prophet when He taught and when He cursed the fig tree.

Triumphant Entry.mp3

Armor Of The Lord  March 31, 2019

In the natural world armor is a strong metal barrier between the wearer and an arrow or sword or some other instrument that is designed to pierce flesh.  But in the spiritual such armor is useless.

Armor Of The Lord.mp3

Seek Ye First  March 14, 2019

Jesus is the path to joy unspeakable – to seek any other path is the same as leaving the road and trying to find my own way through the wilderness of life.

Seek Ye First.mp3

Seek And You Will Find  March 17, 2019

Man has limited creative ability; but like intellect, which is God given, it is best used to divine purpose.  But so often both are squandered on carnal and worldly pursuits.

Seek And You Will Find.mp3

Jewels In The Heart Of A Loving God  March 10, 2019

On the 8th of July, 1741, Jonathan Edwards, a famous 18th century preacher, terrified a congregation in Enfield, Connecticut.  You might say that he scared them straight.  The message he delivered was called, “Sinners in the hands of an angry God”.  And it is that sermon that is credited with a major revival that followed soon after.

Jewels In The Heart Of God.mp3

The Fig Tree  March 3, 2019

From the very beginning of His ministry tradition and ritual, human wisdom and human good, had opposed the grace of God that is manifest in Jesus.  But  the old perversions were about to come to an end in spite of the efforts of the Jews to preserve them  -  The letter of the Law had enslaved Israel for over a thousand years, and now it was over.

The Fig Tree.mp3

Redemption  February 24, 2019

It was, as the Scriptures tell us, 30 pieces of silver (the price of a slave) that placed Jesus on His Cross and bought the “Potters’ Field” which is also called the “Field of Blood.”  Do you know the significance of the Potters’ field?

Quest and Redemption.mp3

Crowns Of Glory  February 17, 2019

There are five crowns that are promised the faithful at the appearing of the Lord Jesus.  The fact that there are five is a testimony that they are a manifestation of Divine Grace.  They are symbols of achievement and position that are attained only because He has provided the very means to receive them.  

Crowns Of Glory.mp3

Clean and Unclean  February 3, 2019

When Jesus said in Mark 7:14-20, “Hear and understand”, He knew that the traditions had taught the people the dietary customs but they hadn’t seen the reason behind those customs.

Clean And unclean.mp3

A House Divided  January 13,2019 

The deception today is state of the art and the only defense is a strong knowledge of Divine Viewpoint by rightly dividing the Word of God.

A House Divided.mp3

Suffering  January 6, 2019

Unfortunately religion has painted a rather perverse picture of God not only as the author of suffering but even uses suffering to promote His agenda.  And where did this idea that there is virtue in suffering come from? 


Expectations  December 30, 2018

I'm sure that many of you have heard an evangelist open his message with the question, "Have you come today expecting a miracle?"  That question carries with it the suggestion of failure if you do not expect a miracle.


The Star Of Destiny  December 23, 2018

It has been the practice of man, from the beginning of civilization, to precede the name of those he deifies with a representation of a star.  But there is only One person who truly has a right to that title – Jesus is the Star of Bethlehem!!!

The Star Of Destiny.mp3

The Christmas Tree  December 16, 2018

Certainly the Christmas tree is a thing of beauty and wonder even as the birth of Jesus is a thing of beauty and wonder.  But I would like to suggest that locked up within the tradition of the Christmas tree is a glorious mystery of death and rebirth and a return to Eden.

The Christmas Tree.mp3

Manifest Destiny  December 9, 2018

In the eleventh century Anselm, the Arch Bishop of Canterbury, wrote a profound statement concerning the importance of belief.  He wrote, “I do not seek to understand so that I might believe; but I believe so that I might understand.  For this I know; that if I do not believe, I will never understand.”


Manifest Destiny.mp3

The Awesome Power Of Peace  December 2, 2018

It would seems that the same Bible that presents an angry and destructive God in the Old Testament presents a loving and forgiving one in the New Testament.  For this reason many assume that in the Old Testament God was in the process of growing into the more mature being that is portrayed in the New Testament. 

The Awesome Power Of Peace.mp3

Giving Thanks  November 25, 2018

Thanksgiving toward God is an acknowledgement of who He is and what He has done for us.  It says, “I believe You are God.”  “I believe You are my source for all that I enjoy – that even my own efforts find their strength in You.” 

Giving Thanks.mp3

The Divine Romance  November 11, 2018

From the very beginning God has initiated a love relationship with man.   This characteristic is unique to the God of the Bible - it is not found in any of the invented deities of the many religions of the world.

Divine Romance.mp3

Renewal  November 3, 2018

The Word of God reveals many things to us; it is our window to reality and exposes all the illusions of earthly life.  And one of the greatest illusions in life is that we are compelled to be shaped by our experiences.


JonahAnd The Worm  November 4, 2018

Traditional teachings present Jonah as the “Reluctant Prophet”.  But if you will permit it, I will show another side to him that speaks of the humanity of Christ and the taking on of the sin debt on our behalf.

Jonah And The Worm.mp3

Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit  October 28,2018

Spiritual poverty or destitution consists in a keen sense of our spiritual needs, and the utter hopelessness of our own ability to supply them.

Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit.mp3

October 21, 2018  God And Mammon

We are taught that mammon is money - but I believe that although money is included in it, mammon is more than money.  I believe that mammon is worldliness.

God And Mammon.mp3

The Lord Of Times  October 14, 2018

To the secular mind history is only the story of a humanity striving to master its own destiny and subdue all forces and conditions that oppose it.  But all who are willing to awake from the pipe-dream of human supremacy can see history for what it really is. 

The Lord Of Times.mp3

Work Out Your Own Salvation  October 7, 2018

It is not our accomplishments that are important in the final analysis.  It is His accomplishments through us that glorify Him – that is what He gives us the means to do.

Work Out Your Own Salvation.mp3

The Bride Of Christ  September 30, 2018

Because He loves us, God made a bride for Adam from a piece of Adam so that she would be a match - absolutely suitable.  In doing this God shows Himself to be a God of relationship.  And I hope to show that just as He made a bride for Adam from Adam, so He will fashion a bride for Himself from Himself.

The Bride Of Christ.mp3

If God Before Us  September 23, 2018

For those who acknowledge God and are led by His Spirit, the enemy is decloaked and he is made visible.  But this doesn’t cause him to give up. He merely changes his tactics – he appears as an angel of light.

If God BeFore Us.mp3

Salt Of The Earth  September 16, 2018

Salt symbolizes a great deal when applied to born-again believers.  It speaks of our value to God and to each other.  And also to the world  -  it is the presence of the body of believers in the world that promotes divine blessing and protection from the adversary.

Salt of The Earth.mp3

 A Fast That Honors God   September 9, 2018

There seems to be a great deal of mysterious and hidden knowledge surrounding the ancient practice of fasting; but a sincere and honest study of this subject reveals a simplicity and sensibleness that the serious student of theology comes to expect of God.

A Fast That Honors God.mp3

Surrender  August 26, 2018

The last words of the Savior are a testament, and I believe that they carry a profound meaning.   I submit that these three Words sum up His whole purpose and at the same time convey a powerful message to all those who would accept Him as Lord.


Guilty But Not Condemned  August 19, 2018

The truth convicts (convinces of error) – which can produce the response of feeling guilt – but the Spirit’s purpose isn’t harm – He seeks to prompt confession – so His purpose is restoration.

Guilty But Not Condemned.mp3

The Meta-Narrative  July 29, 2018 

The meta-narrative of the Bible is simply the promise that what was lost in Adam would be restored in Christ Jesus.  God has skillfully hidden His meta-narrative in many historical events of the OT – these I refer to as living parables.

The Meta-Narrative.mp3

Essentials  July 22, 2018  

Non-essentials are a distraction to understanding the truth and will invariably impede the Lord’s work in bringing the believer to spiritual maturity.


To Glorify The Lord  July 15, 2018

We are taught that the whole purpose of Jesus’ death was to our salvation.   But I tell you that our salvation, as wonderful as it is, stands in second place to the Glorification of God the Father.

To Glorify The Lord.mp3

Breath Of God   July 7,2018


So he answered and said to me: "This is the word of the LORD to Zerubbabel: 'Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,' Says the LORD of hostsZech 4:6  Jesus showed that chaos begets chaos.  But that by the Spirit of God, grace will transform chaos into peace.

Breath Of God II.mp3

The Gatekeepers   July 1, 2018

When we consider the function of the Doorkeepers as guards to protect the Holiness of the Temple, we can see a spiritual principle at work in the lives of Born-Again believers today.  As temples of the Living God, we are sanctified or set apart by a Gate Keeper who stands in the place of judgment between the temple and the outer world. 

The Gatekeepers.mp3

Shekinah Glory  June 24, 2018

God alone is Glorious; and He desires to share His Glory.  But even as the moon is a reflector of the light of the sun, God’s adopted can only reflect the radiance or Glory of God.  It is His alone.   So it comes from Him alone.

Shekinah Glory.mp3

Fatherhood  June 17, 2018

It is by emulating our Father God that we men, as husbands and fathers fulfill our responsibility to our wives and our children.  God has not only given us instruction but has revealed to us His own character as a husband to Israel and as our Heavenly Father.


Theodicy - The Problem Of Evil  June 10, 2018

It is inevitable that at some point in your Christian walk, somebody will ask you about the integrity of God.  That is, how do you deal with the tension between the goodness and omnipotence of God, and the existence of evil?


Esteem - 3 Cows  May 27, 2018

Insecurity has reached epidemic proportions and the search for self-esteem seems to dominate our culture.  The human solution to the esteem problem is phyco-babble and sensitivity training.  But it is in Christ alone that man will find true self-worth.

Esteem - 3 Cows.mp3

Truth - What Is Real?  May 20, 2018

In the dictionary definitions of Truth we can see the humanist influence on the concept of TRUTH. But TRUTH, as a philosophical absolute, is of God. 


A Pearl Of Great Price  May 13, 2018

It’s hard to believe that it took over 4000 years for man to wake up to just how precious a woman is and how incomplete he is without her.  It was in Christ that woman took her rightful place in society.

A Pearl Of Great Price (2).mp3

Forgiveness  May 6, 2018 

Forgiveness should manifest in the life of every believer.  It is God’s method of defusing a volatile situation – it goes along with turning the other cheek – it brings peace to conflict and order to confusion


Sovereignty And Choice  April 29, 2018

Does God’s sovereignty cancel out man’s free will?  Is man predestined by God -  some to salvation and others to damnation?  Is man just a puppet on a string, suffering the illusion of self-determination? 

Sovereignty Or Choice.mp3

A Measure Of Faith  April 15, 2018

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to move mountains around?  But is God’s intention that man receive power to exercise human will on earth (to do anything he desires to do)?

A Measure Of Faith.mp3

Firstfruit  April 1, 2018

Jesus entered the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea as a wounded and bruised corpse, but, sometime after midnight on Saturday, He emerged from it completely restored to His eternal state.


Stirring The Healing Waters  March 25,2018

When we are indwelt by the Spirit, in our bellies (our innermost being) are pools of living water just waiting to become raging rivers of living water.  And when we praise or glorify God, the Spirit is joyful, ecstatic. 


Stirring the Healing Waters.mp3

Cycles  March 18, 2018

Living things are constantly dying and their place is taken by those that are newly born.  All this coming and going of living things is known today as the “Circle of Life”.


That Good Part  March 11, 2018

The Greek word for worship is proskuneo and it means to fawn or crouch; to prostrate oneself in homage (do reverence to, adore.)   It comes from a root  that means to kiss, like a dog licking his master's hand.

That Good Part.mp3

Drawing Near  February 25, 2018

It is in the nature of God to love what He has created – and it is in the nature of redeemed man to return that love.

Drawing Near.mp3

Holiness  February 18, 2018

Thanks to the mysterious and glorious work of the God/man Jesus, the creature can bear  resemblance with the Creator through relationship.  The True Vine has sprouted branches. 


The Devil's Trap  February 11, 2018

Have you ever heard somebody say, “The Devil made me do it”?  Well the Devil cannot make us do anything because God guarantees our free will. But he can and does tempt us to thought or behavior that is contrary to God’s will – what we know to be right.

The Devil's Trap.mp3

Christian Growth  February 4, 2018

The Body of Christ is a cooperative effort. Each Living Stone is to contribute to the building up of the whole Body.This is why the Lord desires that we seek Him first, above all other things. 

Christian Growth.mp3

To Glorify The Lord  January 21, 2018

According to legend Peter was crucified upside down.  This interpretation of physical martyrdom has crossed over from the Catholic faith into the Protestant faith and continues to be taught as being the way to glorify God.

To Glorify The Lord.mp3

Crowns Of Glory  January 14, 2018

There are five crowns that are promised the faithful at the appearing of the Lord Jesus.  The fact that there are five is a testimony that they are a manifestation of Divine Grace.  They are symbols of achievement and position that are attained only because He has provided the very means to receive them.  

Crowns Of Glory (2).mp3

All Things Become New  December 31, 2017

The Word of God reveals many things to us.  It is the believer’s window to reality and exposes all the illusions of earthly life. And one of the greatest illusions in life is that we are compelled to be shaped by our experiences.

All Things Become New 2017.mp3

Bearing Gifts  December 24,2017

Giving is in the very nature of God; it is His invention and it is the custom in His Kingdom.  Therefore it is no surprise that the celebration of His entry into the world as a man should stimulate His people to the exchanging of gifts.

Bearing Gifts.mp3

Reason To Believe II  December 17,2017

When the Scriptures are analyzed numerically and statistically it can be shown that the Word of God is both deliberate in design and precognitive in its character.

Reason To Believe II.mp3

One Thing  by Shawn Holman December 10, 2017

One thing I have desired of the LORD, That will I seek: That I may
dwell in the house of the LORD All the days of my life, To behold the beauty
of the LORD, And to inquire in His temple. Psalm 27:4

One Thing by Shawn Holman.mp3

Reason To Believe 1  December 3, 2017

Anybody who thinks it is difficult to prove the existence of God has never really attempted to prove His non-existence.  As important as it is to prove God’s existence, it is even more important to prove His non-existence. 

Reason To Believe 1.mp3

An Acceptable Sacrifice November 26, 2017

The Scriptures assure us, from Genesis to Revelation, that God provided for Himself a perfect and acceptable sacrifice.  He provided Himself as a perfect sacrifice!And, if you can receive it, in that same sacrifice, He also provided a perfect sacrifice that should be acceptable to every member of the human race.

An Acceptable Sacrifice.mp3

The Longsuffering Of God  November 19, 2017

For our gracious God has suffered long the rebellion and disrespect of His creatures in the hope that some will receive His love and be saved.  To that end He has given us hope and shown us through living parables and word pictures that He will never leave us or forsake us; even unto the end of the age.

The Longsuffering Of God.mp3

The Divine Romance  November 12, 2017

Christianity, in its purest form is not just a code of morality.It is a supernatural relationship (knowledge) with the Creator through the intervention of the only human being ever to prove that He is one with God - Jesus of Nazareth

The Divine Romance.mp3

HOPE  October 29, 2017

Until the reality of God’s promises become our experience, it is hope that motivates us and gives us the strength to carry on even in the face of tragedy and hardship - hope sustains us as we endue.


Seek And You Shall Find  October 22, 2017

God has placed within man the ability to achieve or accomplish his personal objectives.But if those objectives are contrary to God’s will He will not participate in them.

Seek And You Shall Find.mp3

Seek Ye First  October 15, 2017

So often what we want and what we need are two entirely different things.  It is in the nature of man to reach out to what he wants; but God knows what he truly needs.

Seek Ye First.mp3

Accountability  October 8, 2017

As Christians we are encouraged to seek the aid of the community of believers in our quest for spiritual maturity. But nowhere does the Word of God obligate us to hold anybody accountable for anything.  Before jumping to any conclusions, pleasehear what I have to say in this message.


Recovering What Was Lost  September 24, 2017

The Bible contains a recurring theme.  Layer upon layer it records events that proclaim the same message.  That message is simply that God gave the gift of life to man, man lost it, and God recovered it.  Just one of the many events illustrating this point is the telling of an obscure little incident found in 2 Kings 6:1-7

Recovering What Was Lost.mp3

How Do I Doubt Thee? Let Me Count The Ways.   Camellia Puffer Sept 17, 2017

Doubt unchecked leads to unbelief.  Unbelief cancels God's promises.


Son of Man  September 10, 2017

Hyperstatic Union is the theological term for the mystery of the God-Man Jesus. A term that seeks to describe the human vessel who is the fullness of the Godhead bodily – human flesh perfectly submitted to God the Father in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Son of Man.mp3

The Lord My Strength  August 27,2017

Paul's statement in 2 Cor 12:10“When I am weak I am strong,” has been interpreted to mean that God will help me when I cannot help myself. But I believe what Paul really meant was, when I look to God rather than my own ability he can work in my life to my betterment. 

The Lord My Strength.mp3

Integrity  August 20, 2017

Integrity was lost and entropy was born when Adam turned his back on his Creator and chose human experience over Divine wisdom.


Virtue  August 13, 2017

Just as Jesus turned water into the finest wine at the wedding in Canaan, the Holy Spirit places within the believer the qualities and character that are found completed in Christ.


The Traditions Of Men  August 6, 2017

These are perilous and evil times – situation ethics have replaced divine viewpoint and we have returned to the days of the Judges when everybody does what is right in their own eyes.   The so-called great thinkers of our day have played a large part in the collapse of social mores by presenting world views that exclude God.

The Traditions Of Men.mp3

The Agony And The Leprosy Part 2

The death of Jesus on His Cross freed the whole world from the Law – this is the reconciliation and is analogous to the lepers being freed of the suspicion of disease.   But it is only the new mind given by God, and the life of Jesus taking up residence in the soul of the believer that brings healing from the effects of Adam’s Fall.

The Agony And The Leprosy Part 2.mp3

The Agony And The Leprosy Part 1  July 9, 2017

Some have said that it is a mistake to associate sin with leprosy, but it should be pointed out that God Himself associated the disease with mans’ fallen state when He gave Moses the signs that would identify him as the emissary from God.

The Agony And The Leprosy Part 1.mp3

Sovereignty And Choice  June 25, 2017

Is man just a puppet on a string, suffering the illusion of self-determination?  Certainly this seems to be the view of many who consider themselves to be orthodox in their theology. But are they missing something in their preoccupation with divine sovereignty? 

Sovereignty and Choice (2).mp3

The Man With The Inkhorn  June 25, 2017

Ezekiel Chapter 9 is a glorious picture of the provision of God for the remnant. But it is also a picture of spiritual surgery as God refines His adopted ones to prepare them for an eternity with Him.

The Man with The Inkhorn.mp3

God Our Father  June 18, 2017

WHO IS GOD?  Is He justan abstract three-letter word that invokes a response of fear and respect mixed with a dash of resentment? 

God Our Father.mp3

God's Will  June 11, 2017

Prayer is not the way to discover God’s Will.  Smith Wigglesworth says that prayer doesn’t change God’s will; rather it is to change the heart (the will) of the prayer.

God's Will.mp3

Dominion  June 4, 2017

Adam was plugged into the power of God, so to speak; but in rebellion, Adam no longer agreed with God. In so doing, Adam effectively unplugged himself from the power and lost the right or ability to rule his world. 


If God BeFore Us  May 28, 2017

It is the spirits of this dark age that oppose us. A victorious walk cannot be in our own strength, it must be in God’s strength. It is His armor we must wear – not our own.

If God Be For Us.mp3

The Holiness Of God  May 21, 2017

Holiness is the one attribute that God can share with His people – it is given by God to those who desire to enter into fellowship with Him.   It is a robe of righteousness that Christ Jesus has placed on us so that we can enter confidently into His presence. Heb 4:16

The Holiness Of God.mp3

A Mothers' Day Parable  May 14, 2017

The Creator, who refers to Himself by the plural Hebrew word Elohiym, emulated or copied much of Himself into His creation. From the very beginning we find the principle of  “two of a kind”  in God’s creative method.

A Mothers' Day Parable.mp3

Jesus, My Adonai  April 30, 2017

There are two words for Master in the Hebrew – one is Baal and the other is Adonai.  One presented himself as a demanding ruler to enslave.  The other came as a loving Lord to set the captives free.  Just who is this Jesus?


Resurrection, The Firstfruit  April 23, 2017

When a seed is placed in the ground, a change begins to take place and it ceases to be a seed and begins to become something else  -  something completely different but still related  -  something that was locked up in it that was just waiting to be released.

Ressurection-The Firstfruit.mp3

Christ's Triumphal Exit  April 16, 2017

Jesus suffered terribly at the hands of the authorities, but the message is not about His suffering – it is about His victory.

Christ's Triumphant Exit.mp3

Triumphal Entry  April 9, 2017

Most Christians are familiar with the account of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem on what is celebrated as “Palm Sunday;" but there are implications to this event that go far deeper than the traditional interpretations.

Triumphal Entry.mp3

Heaven  April 2, 2017

Perhaps Heaven is merely a conept that is shared by most religions of the world under different names such as Paradise, or Nirvana - A place in the sky where the dearly departed will live forever in bliss.  Or is Heaven something else?


Saved By Grace  March 26,2017

The Scriptures make it clear that salvation, although it is a gift from God and cannot be earned, it does require a doing of some sort.  The simple fact is that the doing is the surrendering of the human will to the overseeing of the Spirit of God. 

Saved By Grace III.mp3

Are You Born Again? by Jim Dunn  March 19, 2017

When Jesus told Nicodemus that only the reborn could see the Kingdom of God Nicodemus wondered about the sanity of this man he had just recognized as a teacher sent from God. He responded in disbelief  -  “How can one reenter his mother’s womb and be born again?”

Are You Born Again.mp3

Ec-Humanism  March 12, 2017

Humanism seeks to address mans’ problems through human wisdom and philosophy. Humanists desire peace and prosperity for all - a noble ideal.  But they are willing to achieve their goal independent of Holy Viewpoint - a mistake of cosmic proportions


To Die With Christ  March 5, 2017

Jesus has left for us a precious legacy – to receive it only requires that we relax our grip on the world and take hold of what He has placed so much value in – pleasing His heavenly Father and ours.

To Die With Christ II.mp3

Breath Of God  February 26, 2017

It is the work of the Holy Spirit on the heart of a yielded vessel that brings stability in the midst of disaster. It is His presence that imparts the strength to withstand the onslaught and carry us through to victory over impossible circumstances and conditions.

Breath Of God 3.mp3

Shepherd’s Lighthouse Membership Declaration

The moment that you realized your need to have Jesus in your life and confessed Him as your Lord, you became a member of His Body and He began the process of transforming you into a citizen of the Kingdom of God.   An important part of that transformation is membership in a local Church.

Shepherd's Lighthouse Membership Accountability.mp3

CHRIST and ....  February 19, 2017

Colosians 1:18 declares that Jesus is supreme in all things.  That He is preeminent.  But how many times do we put Him second or even third when it comes to the choices we make in our lives?  How many times do we reject Him in favor of self – the self that we are called to die to?

CHRIST and ....mp3

DIVISIONS  February 12, 2017

How can Jesus be advocating unity if He came to bring division?The answer to this apparent contradiction is found in the fact that there are two different types of division mentioned in the Scriptures – dividing from, and dividing unto.


Christ My Healer  February 5, 2017

Not that every disease will be cast out of every sick or dying person; although many times that does happen.   But we are assured that we can find peace and security in the midst of terrible circumstances.   And we can know that we will be raised to eternal life in heaven with our Lord Jesus.

Christ My Healer.mp3

Ebenezer  January 29, 2017

A stone is laid in Zion.  A Stone.  Scripture teaches us  that Christ is that Stone – but have you ever wondered why?  Where did this idea to refer to Jesus as a stone come from?


God's Promises  January 22, 2017 Pastor Steve Disque

2 Peter 1:3 "... His divine power has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us by glory and virtue, 2 Peter 1:4 by which have been given to us exceedingly great and precious promises, that through these you may be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust."

God's Promises.mp3

Blessing  January 15, 2017

Blessing is a large part of the Christian vernacular. It is a spiritual word that belongs to the “light” just as cursing is a part of the “darkness”. The word “bless” comes from an old English word that means “blood”. It refers to the sprinkling of blood as an act of consecration (to be set apart as sacred).


Crossing Over  January 8, 2017

The concept of a river dividing the living from the dead or life from the afterlife may well have begun with the Hebrews. The word Hebrew, itself, means to cross over. 


The Lord Of Times  January 1, 2017

To the secular mind history is only the story of a humanity striving to master its own destiny and subdue all forces and conditions that oppose it.   But all who are willing to awake from the pipe-dream of human supremacy can see history for what it really is. 

The Lord Of Times.mp3

 Star Of Destiny  December 25,2016

The Star of Bethlehem to this day remains something of a mystery. For the past three centuries, Rationalists have exhausted their imaginations looking for a natural phenomenon to explain it.  But the Scriptures hold the key to the puzzle. 

Star Of Destiny.mp3

In Christ Jesus  December 18, 2016

There are at least 38 references in the NT to being “in Christ Jesus” - we’ll look at many of these as we move through this study.  All born-again believers are familiar with this term.  But how many really understand what it means?  This is an important concept because of what  it holds for the people of God ....

In Christ Jesus.mp3

Crowns Of Glory  December 11, 2016

There are five crowns that are promised the faithful at the appearing of the Lord Jesus.  The fact that there are five is a testimony that they are a manifestation of Divine Grace.  They are symbols of achievement and position that are attained only because He has provided the very means to receive them; that is, no man or woman has, in themselves, the strength to win even one of the crowns that are offered.

Crowns Of Glory II.mp3

Be Transformed  December 4, 2016

There is a belief in the visible church that if we have enough religion - performance of rituals or other religious duties - that we have fulfilled all that God requires of us.   The Pharisees had this same idea. But God has made it clear in so many ways that  it is not what we do that is important;It is what we become that is important.

Be Transformed.mp3

Giving Thanks  November 27, 2016

Thanksgiving toward God is an acknowledgement of who He is and what He has done for us.   It says, “I believe You are God.”  “I believe You are my source for all that I enjoy – that even my own efforts find their strength in You.”   It is the Hebrew word “towdah” and it means:  To extend the hand in adoration.

Giving Thanks.mp3

Why Cain Was Not Able/Nothing But The Blood  November 20, 2016

Hebrews 9:22 tells us that without the shedding of blood there can be no remission of sin.   If the life is in the blood then it is a life that is in opposition to God that must be shed.

Nothing But The Blood.mp3

All Things  November 13, 2016

Many people today refer to nature as “Mother” and credit a mindless, purposeless, randomness as the creator of all things – like the “Force” of Star Wars, or Gaia, P D Ouspensky’s or George Gurdjieff’s idea that the Earth and all the planets are living beings that give birth to all life and devour it at the end of its span.  But the Bible declares that it is God who created everything that exists.

All Things.mp3

Jesus My Adonai  November 6, 2016

The human imagination invents an endless variety of identities for Jesus – identities such as revolutionary, reactionary, visionary, illusionist, delusionist, confusionist, etc.   But He has identified Himself in both word and deed as bodily manifestation of the Creator of all things

Jesus My Adonai.mp3

In My Father's House  10/30/2016

What God wanted from the beginning was His place in the human heart.  Instead, He got a national headquarters for a central government.  That is mans’ idea and it goes back to Nimrod and his ambition to make a name for himself by consolidating his effort and building an edifice unto the heavens. 

In My Father's House II.mp3

Wisdom And Its Utterance  October 22, 2016

You can have knowledge without wisdom; however you cannot have wisdom without knowledge.  Now there are two types of wisdom – human wisdom and the wisdom of God. Guess which one is reliable.


God And Mammon  October 16,2016

God says "I place before you life and death, choose life!"   We are taught that mammon is money - but I believe that although money is included in it, mammon is more than money.   I believe that mammon is, in fact, worldliness.  Life ins found in godliness while worldliness leads to death.

God And Mammon.mp3

TRUTH  October 9, 2016

In this age and culture of situation ethics truth is considered to be up for grabs.  For many today truth is established by the majority or those with the greatest influence.   But paradoxically it is generally believed that TRUTH is an absolute – that it is the end of a search for knowledge of what is real or genuine.


God Is Real  Oct 2, 2016

Psalm 14:1 declares that, "The fool has said in his heart, 'There is no God'."  Psalm 53:1 repeats, "The fool has said in his heart ' There is no God'."  Proverbs 15:7 says, "The lips of the wise disperse knowledge, but the heart of the fool does not do so.'"  Proverbs 18:2 says, "A fool has no delight in understanding but in expressing his own heart'." 

God Is Real.mp3

The Gift Of Tongues  September 25, 2016

Tongues – has there ever been a subject that caused more division in the Church?  Those who speak in tongues often believe that it is the evidence of the presence of the Holy Spirit in their lives – they believe that every believer is supposed to have it.  Then there are those who believe that tongues is illegitimate.

Gift Of Tongues.mp3

You Must Be Born Again  Sept. 18, 2016

To be born again the living Word, Jesus, must enter you and rebuild you.   Jesus brings with Him the Holy Spirit, the new mind that God offers to all who seek Him with all their strength. Learn a lesson from the profession of Jesus – He was a Carpenter.  It is Jesus who brings His craftsmen’s tools into a willing vessel and begins the work of reshaping and rebuilding.

You Must Be Born Again.mp3

The God Who Answers With Fire  Sept 11, 2016

The God Who Answers With Fire - Joe Marinelli.mp3

If You Believe  September 4, 2016

Each party in the relationship has a responsibility - God's responsibility is to call things that are not as if they are (Rom 4:17, “… God, who gives life to the dead and calls those things which do not exist as though they did;”) Our responsibility is to agree with God in all things and not oppose Him with our own judgements.

If You Believe II.mp3

The Bride Of Christ  August 21, 201

The Bride that God is preparing for Himself is the “Bride of Christ”.We see a picture of this bride in the OT account of Isaac and Rebeccah in Gen 24:4 where Abraham tells his servant, Eleazar (see Gen 15:2), “… you shall go to my country and to my family, and take a wife for my son Isaac."

The Bride Of christ.mp3

Suffering  August 14, 2016

Unfortunately religion has painted a rather perverse picture of God not only as the author of suffering but even uses suffering to promote His agenda.  And where did this idea that there is virtue in suffering come from? I believe that it is a human construct based on fear of God and ignorance of His divine nature.

Suffering II.mp3

The Beatitudes  August 7, 2016

It could be said that Jesus began His Sermon on the Mount with the statement, "Blessed are the meek," because it embodies His entire teaching that day.  Here Jesus speaks of humility - putting Divine viewpoint above human opinion and human experience.

The Beatitudes.mp3

Sanctuary  July 31, 2016

In the Book of Numbers there is a reference to Cities of Refuge. These were sanctuaries from an avenger for anybody who killed somebody accidentally.  In this we see a prefiguring of the redemption of the Lost by Christ who is our Great High Priest.


Evangelism and Witnessing  July 24, 2016

In the church today there is a practice of confusing the office of evangelism with the activity of witnessing.   It is this confusion that  I want to address today.

Evangelizing and Witnessing.mp3

Not Of This World by Bishop Dale Adams 7/17/16

God did not create us to live in this fallen world.  He created us to live with Him in His Kingdom.  When we accept His offer of adoption, tho we are in this world we are no longer of this world.

Not Of This World. by Bishop Dale Adams.mp3

Drawing Near  July 10, 2016

The Scriptures tell us that it is with thanksgiving we that enter His Gates. And it is with praise we enter the courts of God.  And what are the courts of God?  A place of nearness.  According to the Hebrew it is that private area isolated from its surroundings and reserved for the beloved. 

Drawing Near orig.mp3

Abide In Christ  by Joe Marinelli  6/26/16

"If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you will* ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you. "By this My Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit; so you will be My disciples.  "As the Father loved Me, I also have loved you; abide in My love." John 15:7-9

Abide in Christ.mp3

The Graciousness Of God  June 19, 2016

All the religions of the world worship gods that man must work to build a bridge to. But the One True God, the Father, came into the world that man might know Him and be saved. He relentlessly seeks out the lost even when they have been snatched out of His hand by circumstances or forces that are hostile to him.

The Graciousness Of God.mp3

Pentecost  June 12, 2016

At Sinai the justice of God gave the Law.  But 1500 years later, at Pentecost the mercy of God gave the Holy Spirit.  What is hidden in this number fifty is the glorious hope of justice covered by mercy – the promise of the forgiveness of a debt and adoption into the family of God.  

Pentecost 3.mp3

A House Divided  June 5, 2016

Satan divides by stimulating the saints to self-involvement. He uses exaggerated self interest to tempt us to his own advantage.  He will use whatever means he can to make us paranoid. He doesn’t care whether it is to grandeur or persecution. Satan’s first strategy is to infect all the sons of Adam with his own unhealthy self-interest.

A House Divided.mp3

Mouth To Mouth  by Jim Dunn May 29, 2016

In the Old Testament God dealt with nations.  In the New Testament He deals with the individual.  He wants a relationship; a partnership with the believer.  One of the few men in the first covenant who had such a relationship with God was Moses.  But even Moses did not see the face of God.  That would have to wait until after the Cross of Christ.

Mouth to Mouth.mp3

Shekinah Glory  May 22, 2016

It is only in the Lord Jesus that we see the face of God.  You cannot behold the beauty and majesty of Jesus and continue to live to self. Jesus alone is the Fullness of the Godhead bodily; but all born again believers are heirs with Him to that Glory which God imparts to every member of the Divine family.

Shekinah Glory.mp3

The Unjust Steward  May 15, 2016

Many times the Christian (who should see the dangers of life in this world with greater clarity than the unregenerate) seems rather cavalier or carefree - treating with disrespect the Grace of God.  In other words, unredeemed man is truer to his generation (his world view) than many Christians are to the Kingdom of God.

The Unjust Steward..mp3

A Pearl Of Great Price  May 8, 2016

When God created us He put something of Himself in the design.  And when the Scriptures address God with masculine pronouns (He is never referred to as She), it has to do with characteristics rather than appearance.   It is God who places His Spirit in human beings. And both man and woman get their finer characteristics and traits from God.

A Pearl Of Great Price II.mp3

Dark Sayings Of Old  May 1, 2016

Prayer is about changing us - it is not about influencing our circumstances. It concerns what is in us rather than what is in the world. You see, prayer is not just about connecting to God to make our requests known; it is about God getting access to us to make His will known.

Dark Sayings Of Old.mp3

The Power Of The Parable  April 24, 2016

The parables of Jesus are brilliant presentations of Godly principles and contain many layers of meaning.  They are truly works of art that embody the very character of God.   But without the presence of the Holy Spirit to give them meaning, they are a puzzle.

Power Of The Parable.mp3

Redemption  April 17. 2016

Six centuries before Jesus came to this fallen world Zechariah and Jeremiah saw a picture of God's redemptive work in Christ Jesus.  Here we have another example of God's promise to fix Adam's blunder in OT prophesies being fulfilled in the most amazing way.....

Redemption 2.mp3

Why The Cross?  April 10, 2016

There is no doubt that the cross inflicted enormous pain and suffering and that the agony of Christ was beyond human comprehension. But my purpose in this sermon is to draw our attention to something that is of much greater importance than the passion of the Savior.

Why The Cross 2.mp3

Called To Pray  March 3, 2016  Joe Marinelli

Prayer is communion with our Father God and it is so much more than wish fulfillment.  Prayer is a two way communication.  Prayer doesn't only give the believer access to God; it gives God access to the believer.  Therefore prayer is an important part of the spiritual maturing of the saint.

Called To Pray.mp3

Passover  March 27, 2016

Now I know that tradition has it that Jesus entered Jerusalem on a Friday; but according to the Jewish Talmud (Rabbinical Commentary) the day of purchase fell on a Saturday that year and because business was prohibited on the Sabbath the rulers moved the day to Sunday.  So the real Lamb, Jesus, was purchased on that Saturday – His day.


Perfecting Holiness In Your Life  by Jim Dunn  March 20, 2016

Romans 8:29 makes it clear that God's purpose for every human life is that we become conformed to the image of His Son.  This is referring to spiritual maturity and is facilitated by the intake and application of the Word of God in the life of every believer.  To that end our Creator God has provided His very own nature to all who would seek Him with all their heart and mind.

Perfecting Holiness In Your Life.mp3

Crowns Of Glory  March 13, 2016

There are five crowns that are promised the faithful at the appearing of the Lord Jesus. The fact that there are five is a testimony that they are a manifestation of Divine Grace – They are symbols of achievement and position that are attained only because He has provided the very means to receive them.

Crowns Of Glory 3.mp3

Sanctification  March 6, 2016

When Paul tells the Philippian believers to “work out” their salvation, he is telling them to lay hold of what God has provided for them so that there will be a visible difference in their lives that will demonstrate that they have been changed; that they are not the same people just behaving differently.


Breath Of God  February 28, 2016

Genesis 2:7 that tells us that, "... the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being." In Adam we became jars of clay but Jesus has breathed life into all who believe - in Him we again become nephesh, living souls bound to Him for eternity.

Breath Of God 2.mp3

Holy Affection  February 14, 2016

The command to “Love the Lord” appears at least fifteen times throughout the Word of God. And Jesus calls it the first and greatest commandment. And He says that the law and the prophets all hang on it. I believe that a love which excludes God cannot be genuine. Because I believe that even the capacity to love comes from God. Love is much more than a feeling – it is an outpouring of the character of God into the life of the believer.

Holy Affection.mp3

Manifest Destiny  February 7, 2016

I am aware that the term Manifest Destiny was a term that was used to inspire the people of this country to settle from the East to the West – that it was believed that this nation was destined to become the light of the world. But the true light of the world is Jesus – and it is His destiny that is revealed in the pages of the Bible.

Manifest Destiny.mp3

Sacrifice  January 31, 2016

The idea of bargaining for divine favor extended beyond the pagan world into the Hebrew community. And the ceremonial complexities given by God in the books of Exodus and Leviticus degenerated from symbols that taught spiritual principles into elaborate rituals to impress and manipulate God. They thought that the right ritual or gift would turn aside God’s anger and gain His divine forgiveness of any sin.


A Fast That Honors God  January 24, 2017

There are traditions in the Church that have substituted for spiritual truth. Some have been elevated to the level of golden calves as natural man continues to follow Adam in seeking to be the master of his own destiny. The tradition under discussion in this sermon is ceremonial fasting. The only place in all of Scripture that there is a definitive discussion on fasting is in Isaiah 58 where God points out the connection between fasting and Sabbath Rest.

A Fast That Honors God.mp3

The Tithe Explained January 17, 2016

What Christian won’t agree that it is only by the grace and provision of God that we have air to breathe and food to eat and water to drink - That our very lives are gifts from our Creator? But how many really believe it? The first thing that I want you to know is that the tithe is not about money … it is about trust. Tithing, is an acknowledgement that God is our provider.

The Tithe Explained.mp3

JOY IN SUBMISSION January 10, 2016

It has been well said that you cannot make an omelet without breaking a few eggs – whatever God does it is always for the greater good. How many times have we each done the same thing as King Saul regarding the Amalekites – obeyed God in part and hoped that we could patch it up with Him by an offering of human good? Submission to Divine Will always results in success. 

Joy In Submission.mp3

SON OF MAN 12/27/2015

The Bible contains many examples of God’s rescue plan but none, perhaps, more mysterious than the account of Jonah. Jonah is traditionally referred to as the “Reluctant Prophet”. And in the natural and historical this is undoubtedly true. However, running parallel with the historical events of Jonah’s story the careful seeker may discover God’s promise of spiritual restoration through Hyperstatic union.

Son Of Man.mp3

The Real Christmas Tree 12/20/2015

A decorated tree standing over a collection of gifts delivered by a large man in a red suite has become the symbol of Christmas. But it is a poor substitute for the real Christmas Tree which bore on it the greatest gift of all and delivered by His own Divine hand.

The Real Christmas Tree 2.mp3

Christ in the Tabernacle by Joe Marinelli 12/13/15

There are volumes written about the Tabernacle that Moses built in the wilderness and all but a few of them only scratch the surface of what is contained in its symbols.  The purpose of this message is to give a brief overview of the Tabernacle and show that ultimately it is a picture of Jesus and His saving work.

Christ in the Tabernacle by Joe Marinelli.mp3

Expectations 12/06/15

To what degree does God depend on my expectations in order to produce a miracle? God has made many promises in His Word; but doesn't expectation, as encouraged in some ministries, imply obligation on the part of God? Do we need to be reminded that Divine blessings are a matter of Divine Grace rather than a matter of Divine obligation?

Expectations II.mp3


It was Anselm who said, “I do not seek to understand in order to believe. Rather, I believe in order to understand. For I know that unless I believe, I will never understand.” The truly intelligent recognize that reality doesn’t require our understanding or our approval. Therefore, they direct their energies in a more productive direction. They ask, “is there sufficient reason for me to believe?”

Reason To Believe.mp3


Proving God’s existence will fail, and the unbeliever instinctively knows it. Perhaps that is their common motive for demanding it. Attempting to prove or disprove the existence of God is much like trying to pick up mercury or attempting to kill a worm in an apple by polishing the apple. So rather than looking for proof for God’s existence, theologians have, over the centuries, developed what they call “arguments” for the existence of God.

Proof or Choice.mp3


In listening to the Serpent, Adam and Eve thought that they could be as God and free themselves of any master. But in reality they had simply traded a kind, merciful and loving master for one that will enslave them and in the end destroy them. The Serpent is still hissing his message of rebellion to this day and many are responding to his message of self-righteousness. The great Falling Away that the Apostle Paul warned of in 2 Thess 2:3 is upon us.


Aleph and Tav 11/1/2015

An in depth analysis of the first statement of Scripture (Genesis 1:1) reveals a Creator who not only brought the universe into being, but also entered into it Himself as Son to restore the beloved into the household of God. I believe that it is telling us that the beginning and the end come together in God. It is in Jesus that we see God’s desire, His method, and His success.


Stiring The Healing Waters  10/25/15

There is a legend that tells of a certain Abba Joses (exalted Father) who went down to the pool to bathe and was informed by the spirit that lived there that an evil presence was attempting to displace him. Abba Joses was told that the only way to defeat the evil presence was to have all those townspeople who bathed in the pool to bring iron pins or nails and strike them with hammers.


The Greatness of Deception  10/18/2015

The Bible tells us that the struggle between Light and Darkness, Good and Evil, predates human history. And man entered into that struggle when Adam ignored God’s warning and partook of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Deception is the fruit of that tree and today it is state of the art and threatens the faith of many Christians.


Bricks For Stones 10/04/2015

When Nimrod and his followers attempted to build their tower, they embarked on an enterprise that would result in confusion and fragmentation. Confusion and fragmentation is always the reward for those who would emulate Lucifer. The Scriptures seem to say that God confused and scattered the builders. But is it not more consistent with the revealed character of God to say that He gave them over to their own desires? That the Glory departed and abandoned them to the Devil?

Bricks For Stones 2.mp3

Creator or Created  9/20/2015

There is no denying it! Man has created his own god in his own image. And this is not a god to be followed into all righteousness; but it is a god designed to serve man in his perpetual quest for self-fulfillment and esteem – value. He is the god that Nicholas Van Hoffman calls the great “Mush God.” He is the permissive, plastic god that tries to eclipse the One Who was, and is, and Is to come - Yahveh.


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